AAI Foresight Inc. 2017 Annual Report

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December 20, 2017

Report from Timothy C. Mack, Managing Principal

It has been another banner year for AAI Foresight, due in large part to the incredible job done by Cynthia G. Wagner as the editor of Foresight Signals newsletter. Stitching together news and connections for the larger foresight community has been one of our ongoing goals, including highlighting conferences, publications, opportunities, honors, and transitions. The most somber of these transitions are the life celebrations of futurists who have passed on, such as Tony Stevenson and Graham T. T. Molitor, while their work continues to resonate. A modified version of Cindy’s tribute to Graham (Foresight Signals, October 2017) has been accepted for publication in World Futures Review, along with my own tribute and those of other of his colleagues and friends.

For the second year, AAI Foresight was again invited exclusively to cover the annual joint meeting of the international Public Sector Foresight Network and the U.S.-based Federal Foresight Community of Interest. A summary of the October meeting was prepared by our colleague Lane Jennings for the Foresight Signals blog, with an additional report from conference participant Peter Padbury of Policy Horizons Canada. See “Foresight in the Public Sector: 2017 Update” by Lane Jennings.

In a related role, AAI Foresight continues to provide peer-review services for publishers, digital promotion for new authors, and endorsements for upcoming books by authors, such as Tom Lombardo, who continue to produce the quality analysis and insights we have all come to expect.

On the consulting side of our business, we continue to expand our presence in Europe, including work in arenas such as computer hardware enabling and enhancement, organic foods, digital connectivity services, specialty chemical coatings, and the expanding arena of global peace innovation. In the U.S. electric power industry, our client list includes a number of National Labs, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy, and several independent system operators. In addition, a wide range of local and regional electric utilities and electric energy consultants continue to utilize AAI Foresight’s services.

And as is the case each year, we would like to celebrate our authors, our AAI Associates, our clients, and the larger foresight community. This includes the recently revitalized World Future Society; the always innovative, energetic, and expanding Association of Professional Futurists; and the World Futures Studies Federation.

Take care, and together may we make the New Year a prosperous and peaceful one for all.

Timothy C. Mack
Managing Principal
AAI Foresight Inc.